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Feb. 5, 2012

Fans Call
"A Site to Behold"

From: Jack Kramer
Date: Sun, Feb 5, 2012 12:01 PM
Subject: Re: Established, Professional and "A Site to Behold."
To: Amber L.

Amber: The beauty of the Internet enables people all over the world to hear our sports presentations involving the schools in their former, west central Ohio, home towns. We work hard to ensure the game webcasts are professional. And I liked your comment about the commercial announcements. Real people who use the products and services of our sponsors play important roles in these messages. Keep listening over in Columbus. And let everyone know that is "A Site to Behold." Ha! Thank you.

From: Amber L.
Date: Sun, Feb 5, 2012, 9:11 AM
Subject: Established, Professional and "A Site to Behold."
To: Jack Kramer

Mr. Kramer: I am a Miami County high school graduate who also lived for a while in Versailles before moving to Columbus. But thanks to your website, I still stay in touch with high school basketball in west central Ohio. The audio stream webcasts of the high school games are very professional and a pleasure to listen to. I even enjoy hearing the well-produced commercials you insert between quarters. I am often completing business travel at the end of the week and miss Friday night games. But your archives are perfect for someone on the go like me. Your colorful site is easy to read and to follow in just a moment or two. No small type or additional pages to struggle through. Clean and simple. It is "A Site to Behold." Established now for five or six years, draws a tremendous audience, which includes many others I know here in Columbus who used to live in Troy, Piqua, and Sidney. I am sure the student athletes and their families in the communities you serve love your fantastic coverage. Please maintain the great service.
Amber L.


Sidney Daily News

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Friday night’s broadcast will
be the 2,500th for Kramer announcer Jack Kramer laughs when he says his game total might approach three or four thousand if he counted the ones he described while playing make-believe
contests in his backyard as a kid.

Still, he performs play-by-play of what his family believes to be his 2500th athletic event this Friday night when Anna hosts Russia in Shelby County League boys basketball. January 2012 marked the start of Kramer’s fifth decade announcing college and high school sports.

“An enduring throat, a lot of luck, encouragement from Shelby County fans, a supportive family, and parents who gave me the chance to express myself ” are the “gifts” which Kramer said have enabled him to fulfill this unique “avocation.”

It was not unusual for Jack, as a child, to keep his neighbors awake on summer nights when he vocalized about games he “created” in his sandbox.

“Mom and Dad often exclaimed from the back porch, ‘Jack, every play can’t be that exciting,’” he recalled.

The 2,500 include close to 150 Ohio State University (OSU) football contests, plus Indiana (IU) and Miami University football and basketball games. He covered the Redskins and the Middletown Middies while in graduate school in Oxford, Ohio, and when employed at a Butler County radio station, which offered him his first job.

While completing his bachelor’s degree, he volunteered on the IU Sports Network. From 1980 to 1992, he performed television playby-play with OSU great Paul Warfield for flagship station WOSU-TV, which fed the Buckeyes games around the state to a dozen PBS stations.

Kramer’s wife and two children began keeping close count of his announcing stints when he started calling Buckeyes contests.

“They kidded me when we tuned in the delayed telecasts together,” he chuckled. “My mustache was never trimmed quite right.”

Wife Karen and son Tim were in the stands at Russia last Saturday for the thriller between the Raiders and Versailles Tigers. They listened closely to the exciting Russia-Botkins contest last Friday. In the 1980’s, they and daughter Bethany started traveling with Jack to some of the college and high school events he covered.

At about that time, Kramer began describing basketball games on WPTW-AM in Piqua for Edison Community College. He was employed at Edison as director of marketing and public relations for 25 years to the day, retiring on August 31, 2010. He previously served nine years in a similar capacity at Clark Tech, now Clark State.

From the early 1990’s through 2000, Kramer was on the air atWTGRFM in Greenville covering contests involving high school sports teams representing the Versailles Tigers and Winchester, Indiana. From 2003 to November 2007, he free-lanced for WMVR-FM in Sidney with Jeff Bray, his color announcer.

Jack is currently in his sixth calendar year calling games for on the Internet. In fact, he has now covered nearly 750 football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, and boys and girls basketball contests in which Shelby County high schools have participated.

“Jeff for several years and ChuckMcBee for the last two years have been super announcing partners,” Kramer said. “We are good friends on and off the air. We have all shared the same passion and carried out our roles with the best interest of the schools and student athletes in mind.”

That “passion,” he said, is the desire to continually promote area student athletes, their educational programs, and those businesses that support the webcasts.

“Our quality schools and community-minded organizations make the region a very good place to live, work and raise families,” Kramer said.

An average athlete in high school, Jack played tennis and once upset the top seed in a city tournament covered by the local newspaper. He said his opponent had an off day, allowing him to take a close three-set victory triggered, in part, by unforced errors on the other side of the net.

Kramer said it was a highlight of “my mediocre years in high school sports” to read the journalist’s statement, “Kramer won the match; Mike Miller didn’t lose it.”

According to Jack, this is the objective when describing Shelby County high school sports on the Internet.

“A superb play often causes a poor one. Chuck and I want to promote the local student athletes who excel,” he said.

Supportive game advertisers, in fact, request that the announcers feature the scholarships the sponsors offer, spotlight the athletes whom the schools report are student leaders, and award small, sponsor-provided gift certificates for food to the young men and women who are successful on the court and field.

“You could say that is a total team effort,” Kramer said, adding that listenership per webcast has soared to more than 800 users of computers and mobile devices.

“The response makes this Friday’s game and those in the future so enjoyable.”

Are 2500 more contests in Jack’s plans? “Maybe so, if you count those in my dreams,” he smiled.


Jan. 25, 2012

Letter to the Editor
Sidney Daily News

Bring “Local” Radio Back

To the editor:

High school basketball in Shelby County, Ohio, is a big part of our lives every winter.  High school hoops are iconic here.  And for good reason. Our student athletes excel on and off the court. Just last year the Houston boys, Fort Loramie girls and Anna girls teams advanced to the State Final Four.  The Lady Rockets were state champs.

While Sidney High School hasn’t been strong in the major sports recently, its student athletes have performed well in numerous other sports.  In Academia competition, SHS consistently leads the pack in Shelby County.

Furthermore, Division III school Anna and Division IV schools Botkins, Fairlawn, Fort Loramie, Houston, Jackson Center and Russia make up our exciting and highly competitive county basketball league.  Lehman Catholic plays several of the county schools in basketball and the two that play football.

We appreciate the Sidney Daily News and (SCORES) for keeping us close in touch with our local football and boys and girls basketball.

For many, many years, SDN Sports Editor Ken Barhorst has provided superb, detailed coverage the next day on every game. For five years, SCORES has consistently offered live coverage of five or six basketball games per week in the winter and more than 100 athletic contests per year.

SCORES, the Shelby County Online Radio Entertainment System, has raised the bar to new heights for electronic media coverage of local high school sports. Throughout the region and Ohio, for that matter, SCORES delivers the very best radio broadcast or Internet webcast coverage.  We are proud of the high quality service that SDN and SCORES offer.

The SCORES presentations were available for the local radio station to air again this school year, but unfortunately the station announced in the SDN that it rejected the opportunity to program local high school football and basketball.  In fact, the so-called “local” radio station airs no local news, no local sports and no local public affairs programs.

The excellence of the education in our schools and the success of their athletic programs are ignored by WMVR-FM. Thus, support for the station suffers.

Hopefully, the station will eventually follow through on the region’s New Year’s resolution that wishes for WMVR-FM to become “local” again and share Shelby County high school sports with us.  In the meantime, let’s sound the party horns and celebrate a new year of continued great coverage by the SDN and

K. Kitchen   1314 Garfield Ave.   Sidney


Jan. 23, 2012

Coaches Describe SCORES' Coverage of Girls High School Sports as the "Best"

From: Jack Kramer
Date: Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 2:01 PM
Subject: Re: Lady Jackets Top Vikings on Wed. Jan. 18th.
To: Megan M.

Megan: thanks you so much for the pre-game interviews and the background information on your 2011-2012 Sidney Lady Yellow Jackets. Your team produced a good offensive spurt in the fourth period which kept pace with Miamisburg's inside scoring. While the smaller Lady Yellow Jackets were outrebounded, their defense contested most every shot attempt by the Vikings. It was fun covering an exciting game and thrilling win for Sidney High. Congratulations on the huge home victory!

From: Megan M.
Date: Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 6:16 PM
Subject: Lady Jackets Top Vikings on Wed. Jan. 18th.
To: Jack Kramer

Jack: I would have been greatly disappointed if Miamisburg had gone down the floor and scored to edge our girls at the end. Although outsized, we played hard and deserved to get another victory. Great game to webcast. Keep up the excellent work. performs the play-by-play of as many girls basketball games as boys contests. No other area radio station or online service covers women's sports at the high school level like you do. You're the best. Thanks very, very much.
Megan M.


Jan. 20, 2012

Miami County Fans in Ohio and
other States Follow SCORES

From: Jack Kramer
Date: Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 12:16 PM
Subject: Re: Miami East vs Ft. Lormie on Tuesday January 17th.
To: Dave L.

Dave: Should have the Miami East-Fort Loramie contest archived later today. It was an enjoyable game to cover. We received numerous emails from many Miami County people who joined us for the live coverage. In excess of 300 IP addresses were connected to us at the game's end on Tuesday, January 17. Closer to 400 different addresses connected over the four quarters. ScoresBroadcast has been going strong for five years. As a result of great fans like you, our listenership keeps growing and growing.
Thanks for the feedback and kind comments.

From: Dave L.
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 11:21 PM
Subject: Miami East vs Ft. Lormie on Tuesday January 17th.
To: Jack Kramer

Just wanted to say thanks for the broadcast of the game. My brother and brother in-law streamed the game from South Carolina and Georgia respectively. My daughter played for Miami East. It was a thriller.

Secondly, do you typically archive all broadcasts? I wouldn’t mind hearing the broadcast again.

Thanks very much,
David L.


Jan. 16, 2012

Jack Kramer, with Chuck and Jim McBee

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